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Friday, May 01, 2009

Why Jailbreak iPhone | Sleepers.net

Why Jailbreak iPhone | Sleepers.net: "Why Jailbreak iPhone

So you have your 2.0 iPhone and you can install thousands of apps from AppStore. What’s all this commotion about jailbreaking? Why would you need to jailbreak? What does it offer? In this post, I will cite some of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak your iPhone. I will continually update this post as changes occur.

Risk Free:
Jailbreaking is not unlocking! It is risk free. Everything that works before jailbreaking continues to work after. Jailbreaking only adds features. Jailbreaking is risk free and cannot void your warranty. You can simply restore in iTunes at anytime to get back to a factory state. You are not alone, many people are doing it. Several hundred thousand people are jailbreaking! For understanding of jailbreak vs unlock read my terminology post."

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