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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

End Game: "End Game

What happens when war isn't winnable?

by Barry Eisler

I've been thinking about what happens when a society goes to war for a limited objective but then comes to face what seems to be an unlimited cost.

The more blood and treasure a society spends on such a war, the harder it becomes to acknowledge that it can't be won. After spending so much, a retreat would be painful: The society would have to acknowledge that the entire enterprise — the lives lost, the money spent — was a waste (worse than a waste, really, because of opportunity costs and unintended consequences).

Any society would want to avoid the pain inherent in such acknowledgment. It would prefer to believe there is still some chance of winning. If victory is possible, even if securing it turns out to be costlier than first believed, at least the society would have something to show for what it paid."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Japundit » Puppy poo girl: "Puppy poo girl

Korean bloggers have been having a field day over the behavior of a young woman who refused to clean up the mess after her dog pooped on the floor of a subway.

My doggy done it Unfortunately for her, there was a person with a digital camera nearby. And judging by the gesture she was making with her left hand, the woman was aware she was being photographed"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

orange haired boy :: lyricsamp: "LyricsAMP for WMP 9 Series
Since the demise of the LyricsAMP website (www.lyricsamp.org), availability of LyricsAMP for Windows Media Player has been non-existent. Until now at least."
It appears that the lyricsAmp project is now up and running again
for those of you that don't know this is a nifty little utility that pulls the lyrics from the songs that you're listening to and displays them in a small windows in windows mediaplayer .

I really like it and recommend it

Monday, August 15, 2005


A good page for interesting hollywood gossip if you like that kind of thing

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts - FactCheck.org: "NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

Attack ad says he supported an abortion-clinic bomber and excused violence. In fact, Roberts called clinic bombers “criminals” who should be prosecuted fully.

An abortion-rights group is running an attack ad accusing Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers “supporting . . . a convicted clinic bomber” and of having an ideology that “leads him to excuse violence against other Americans” It shows images of a bombed clinic in Birmingham , Alabama ."

It is realy stupid to blatantly ie when you're trying to defend your position eventually people are going to find out that you're really cuckoo.