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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digg - Brijit To Cease Operations!

Digg - Brijit To Cease Operations!: "Brijit To Cease Operations!readwriteweb.com — In a tragic and surprising turn of events, Brijit, one of the most interesting startups on the web, has announced that the company has run out of money and will cease operations until more funding is found."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn
I’m pretty much addicted to photography. Methods, gear, news, you name it. It really is kinda scary. To keep my addiction in check when I’m not shooting or shopping, I need a steady flow of photo content to keep the shakes and withdrawl symptoms from popping up so I put together a list of what i consider to be some of the best photo-related content out there. Read on for more photo link porn than you can shake a stick at including 25 blogs, 20 AMAZING photographers, and some other fun stuff that will make those days you feel stuck at your desk wishing you were shooting go a bit smoother