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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Un breve mensaje para desearte Feliz Navidad y que tengas un excelente año 2009!
y que disfrutes estas fiestas en compañía de  tus seres queridos.


A brief message to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2009!
wishing that you enjoy these holidays with your loved ones.

Javier Silva

Sunday, December 07, 2008

:: rogerebert.com :: (xhtml)

:: rogerebert.com :: (xhtml)

This is the best review of ben steins crappy movie about Creationims

" I've been accused of refusing to review Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled," a defense of Creationism, because of my belief in the theory of evolution. Here is my response.

Ben Stein, you hosted a TV show on which you gave away money. Imagine that I have created a special edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" just for you. Ben, you've answered all the earlier questions correctly, and now you're up for the $1 million prize. It involves an explanation for the evolution of life on this planet. You have already exercised your option to throw away two of the wrong answers. Now you are faced with two choices: (A) Darwin's Theory of Evolution, or (B) Intelligent Design.

Because this is a special edition of the program, you can use a Hotline to telephone every scientist on Earth who has an opinion on this question. You discover that 99.975 of them agree on the answer (A). A million bucks hangs in the balance. The clock is ticking. You could use the money. Which do you choose? You, a firm believer in the Constitution, are not intimidated and exercise your freedom of speech. You choose (B).

Squaaawk!!! The klaxon horn sounds. You have lost. Outraged, you file suit against the program, charging it is biased and has denied a hearing for your belief. Your suit argues that the "correct" answer was chosen because of a prejudice against the theory of Intelligent Design, despite the fact that .025 of one percent of all scientists support it. You call for (B) to be discussed in schools as an alternative theory to (A).

Your rights have been violated. You're at wit's end. You think perhaps the field of Indie Documentaries offers you hope. You accept a position at the Institute of Undocumented Documentaries in Dallas, Texas. This Institute teaches that the rules of the "$64,000 Question" are the only valid game show rules. All later game shows must follow them literally. The "$64,000 Question" came into existence in 1955. False evidence for earlier game shows has been refuted by scientists at the "

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zamzar - Free online file conversion

Zamzar - Free online file conversion

Esta es la mejor página del mundo para poder convertir archivos
de un formato a otro.

No necesitas tener una cuenta puede ser gratis en archivos de hasta 10MB

si pagas una pequeña cuota puedes trabajar con los archivos convertidos y te
los guardan en líne por mas tiempo

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mi pluma murió

Esta era mi pluma favorita que fué violentamente asesinada por erika en un arranque de ira causandome dolor indescriptible y profundo

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TPM Election Central | Talking Points Memo | McCain's Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters

TPM Election Central | Talking Points Memo | McCain's Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters: "McCain's Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters
By Greg Sargent - September 24, 2008, 12:19PM

The New York Times, under fire from the McCain camp over an earlier piece probing McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, responded today with a second piece that hits Davis very hard, reporting that Davis' lobbying firm received a monthly sum of $15,000 from Freddie Mac up until last month.

Now comes word that Davis has quietly canceled a gathering he was supposed to hold with reporters today.

Coincidence? Hard to know. But more broadly, the question is, At what point do the repeated revelations about Davis render him more of a liability to McCain than an asset?

Davis is a bit of a throwback in McCain's universe. He's been a longtime confidante to McCain; he managed McCain's 2000 insurgent campaign against George W. Bush, and isn't really a part of the new camp of hard-boiled Rove acolytes -- Steve Schmidt, etc. -- who have come in to take charge of the McCain campaign.

You have to imagine that the Schmidt camp doesn't feel particularly disposed towards rallying around Davis. That said, the Schmidt team is not disposed towards doing anything that smacks of weakness, defensiveness, or disorganization, such as pushi"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mobile Map

Mobile Map
This is a cool application based on the concept of using google maps to
send directions to a certain location,all you need to do is find your location in
the full page map and then click on the small email envelope and the system will
generate a url that the people that you want can click on and they will get sent directly to the address your provided

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digg - Brijit To Cease Operations!

Digg - Brijit To Cease Operations!: "Brijit To Cease Operations!readwriteweb.com — In a tragic and surprising turn of events, Brijit, one of the most interesting startups on the web, has announced that the company has run out of money and will cease operations until more funding is found."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn
I’m pretty much addicted to photography. Methods, gear, news, you name it. It really is kinda scary. To keep my addiction in check when I’m not shooting or shopping, I need a steady flow of photo content to keep the shakes and withdrawl symptoms from popping up so I put together a list of what i consider to be some of the best photo-related content out there. Read on for more photo link porn than you can shake a stick at including 25 blogs, 20 AMAZING photographers, and some other fun stuff that will make those days you feel stuck at your desk wishing you were shooting go a bit smoother

Monday, April 21, 2008

CD Review of Last Night by Moby

CD Review of Last Night by Moby: "Moby: Last NightElectronic/Pop2008Buy the CD
Reviewed by David Medsker
Electronic music is still treated with red-headed contempt in the States, but let’s be fair about something: give credit to the artists even willing to enter the fray, because there is no scene as ruthless, catty and cutthroat as the electronic music scene. The moment a certain style – house, deep dish, acid, handbag, ambient, jungle, big beat, baggy, darkwave – becomes trendy, the hipsters have already moved on to the next thing. And for the record, they’re all hipsters. This is why only a handful of artists have been able to carve a living out of a genre in constant flux."

Thus starts the review from David on the record by mody which I found enjoyable but as he mentions "been there done That"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


iGoogle: "The reason lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time.
- Willie Tyler"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Web 2.0 Show - FeedMyApp

Web 2.0 Show - FeedMyApp: "What is FeedMyApp ?

Well, FeedMyApp is a showcase where you can submit your, or someone else’s, web 2.0 app. In doing so you feed your app , thus receiving many many visitors from here and helping us update the directory!

We classify web apps by tagging them and creating a brief description for each one listed.

You can browse our directory by tag or by date or you can search for apps using the top search box. There is also a list of web 2.0 companies whose apps are listed in our directory.

You can subscribe to the ever updated list of apps being added to FeedMyApp via RSS."

A Little Bit Of Everything

This is jsut a sample of the cool content at a blog called a
little bit of anything which as it name implies is a
place to finde new and cool things on the web.

A Little Bit Of Everything: "Multiply - Media Sharing Site
April 7, 2008 — dave



Signing up for Multiply is very easy,as it lets you look for friends using Multiply before you sign up.You can look for people,by inserting their email address or let Multiply look for them ,by giving it access to your email address book.

Video,audio and image files can be uploaded individually or in groups and can be converted into a smaller format or left as they are.Files can be up to 100MB in size and you get unlimited storage and content can be added directly from online services like Flickr"

Friday, March 28, 2008

the::unwired - TIP: How to store Inbox attachments into your Storage Card (iPAQ 2210 and others)

the::unwired - TIP: How to store Inbox attachments into your Storage Card (iPAQ 2210 and others): "TIP: How to store Inbox attachments into your Storage Card (iPAQ 2210 and others)
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - at Thursday, 22.04.04 - 08:35:36 CET under 09 - Pocket PC Tutorials - Viewed 13050x

I've used this quite often and with so many attachments that I receive and download, I should have the right amount of space for it. I'm sure that my Pocket PC's built-in memory will never be able to handle the size of attachments I receive from time to time.

For most of us this process may be a simple one. In the Pocket PC's Inbox, go to Tools and then Options. As you enter the tabbed window called Storage, you will see a check box that says 'Store attachments on storage card'. For most Pocket PCs this works like a charm and attachments are stored into the Storage Card instead of the main memory.

But for some devices, it will seem that this option only allows the user to save attachments in the only Storage Card that particular Pocket PC recognizes which is no other than the File Store.

Thanks for fellow MVPs David Hettel and Bev Howard for pointing me into the right direction, I was able to sort out the problem with the h2210 Inbox Attachment association with Storage Cards.

Apparently, with the HP iPAQ 2210s, particularly the ones with the up"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lyrics Plugin

Lyrics Plugin
This is the best plugin for lyrics inthe whole web
It is only missing the ability to store said lyrics in the mp3 tag information