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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

SpywareInfo :� Leading Antispyware Vendors Quietly Drop WhenU Detection: "Lavasoft has reversed the decision to delist WhenU. A new article will cover this later today or tomorrow.

It appears that two popular antispyware companies, PestPatrol (owned by Computer Associates) and Lavasoft, have stopped detecting software from WhenU. In tests performed recently by Eric Howes, using the latest updated target database files, neither PestPatrol nor Ad-aware detected any software from WhenU.
WhenU makes ad serving software which is bundled with unrelated programs available for download for free from the internet. WhenU's software includes Save!, SaveNow and ClockSync. According to a PCPitstop user survey, 87% of persons with WhenU software on their computer had no idea how it became installed"

this is just to show you that comercial companies can't always be trusted to act with the best interest of their customers in mind

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