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Friday, March 04, 2005

Micro Persuasion: Google May Launch UPC Code Autolinks:
REGARDING STEVE REUBELS BLOG opinion on Google toolbar

"I enjoy reading your blog.
However i must disagree with the position that you've taken in the case of the auto link feature of the Google toolbar.
First of all it is a program that is installed on my computer with my authorization and that increases the usability of the sites that I visit when I want to in the way that I want to.
It is not something that comes integrated with the browser and therefore is a default setting for all users of said browser.
It can be easily avoided by the publisher of a web site, either by using a small script or by linking the autolink information on your web site.
Since I use the web in my capacity of Distribution Manager for a major company some (if not all) of the features of this toolbar are useful to me and once the toolbar becomes mature enough the other mayor sites (i.e. MSN and/or yahoo) will come up with something similar to it.

I've heard of many people (including yourself) have taken on this debate providing opinions as facts, why there is not a similar debate going on about top text and Ezula ( Two similar technologies distributed by gator Corporation).
Therefore I would like to post some facts. An see if you at least agree with me on one or several of them.
1.- this is not a new technology that has never been tried before (i.e. Microsoft, top text, et al).
2.- This technology only applies to the Users of the google toolbar, and then to those who choose to enable it. (i.e you must click on the button on the toolbar)
3.- If this technology was not provided by Google we would not even be having this discussion.
4.- This is still in beta (admitedly a HUGE beta) and therefore the technology is still in a state of flux.
5.- Finally, as in everything related to the web the hot topic of the day wi"


Site Admin said...

We are Google, we are the Borg, your content will be assimilated and become part of the collective, resistance is futile ....

Are you that trusting of google that you're willing to let them put words in the mouths of others? Maybe you're a big fan of colorizing black and white films too? The toolbar is no different.

Respect is a two way street, Google is missing that point.

Anonymous said...

funny your comments were not on earlier.

Topio said...

Yes it is funny!