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Monday, April 21, 2008

CD Review of Last Night by Moby

CD Review of Last Night by Moby: "Moby: Last NightElectronic/Pop2008Buy the CD
Reviewed by David Medsker
Electronic music is still treated with red-headed contempt in the States, but let’s be fair about something: give credit to the artists even willing to enter the fray, because there is no scene as ruthless, catty and cutthroat as the electronic music scene. The moment a certain style – house, deep dish, acid, handbag, ambient, jungle, big beat, baggy, darkwave – becomes trendy, the hipsters have already moved on to the next thing. And for the record, they’re all hipsters. This is why only a handful of artists have been able to carve a living out of a genre in constant flux."

Thus starts the review from David on the record by mody which I found enjoyable but as he mentions "been there done That"

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