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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

» For Vista, WGA gets tougher | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com

» For Vista, WGA gets tougher Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report ZDNet.com: "For Vista, WGA gets tougher Posted by Ed Bott @ 7:49 am

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For Windows Vista, Microsoft is rolling out a new version of its Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program, complete with a new name: the Windows Software Protection Platform. This time, they mean business.
Technically, it's not a kill switch, but it's arguably a near-death experience for your PC.Let's call it WGA Plus, shall we? The Plus means this software, which is baked into Windows Vista, is even more aggressive about detecting and blocking what it considers software that is running with unauthorized license keys or has been tampered with. And woe be unto you if you get snagged in the WGA - sorry, SPP dragnet while running Vista. If that happens on a premium version of Windows Vista, you'll first lose access to key features, including the Aero interface, ReadyBoost performance enhancements, and Windows Defender antispyware detection. Eventually, if you don't deal with the problem, the measures get more severe and you're kicked into 'reduced functionality mode':"

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