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Friday, March 31, 2006

SpySheriff - Spyware Remover and Protection Suite

SpySheriff - Spyware Remover and Protection Suite

This is the worst ever kind of software possible, this pretends to be a spyware removal tool and it is instead a spyware injector that will continuously inject spywaare into your computer, please find and kill sadistically whoever made thisprogram.

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Neon said...

We are living in an internet time where you can not without spyware removers and such. Too bad, but I think it will only get worse by time.

My place for free Spyware Removers is:

They always have the latest and best spyware removers available and have good reviews of all spyware removers programs.

Spyware should be stopped and people distributing this software should be put in jail. They jeopardize our privacy and keep spamming us with advertising.