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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gear Factor: "Here Comes the VideoPod
Topic: Media Players
I don't think this was quite the device many iPod nuts were hoping for, but the video-playing iPod is here. Announced just minutes ago at a special press conference, the new iPod is more or less an iPod Photo with movie-playing software built in.

Lest I sell this thing short, it's worth noting that there are other enhancements to the latest player from Apple. Selling for $399, the 60GB version has a 2.5-inch color screen, a thinner case than its comparable predecessor, and a purported 20-hour battery life. Plug this thing into your TV via S-Video, and you can play back digital recordings on the big screen. Apple claims you can store up to 2,000 music videos on this thing, but that sounds like a pretty vague measurement of capacity. How many episodes of Surface is that?"
Basically this is a crapy product that will be sold to hard core geeks.
BUT this is the begining of the online video distribution industry.

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