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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chicago Sun-Times - Robert Novak

robert Novak is a dirty rat, a person with low morals that does not have the vourage to stand up for any journalistic principle and that will br his undoing methinks.

Will a journalist facing jail time do that or will he or she give up his or hers confidential sources?

Robert Novak, whose report started it all is mum on the fact that On Wednesday, Judith Miller of the New York Times answered the question loud and clear, giving up her freedom to protect a principle in another situation that is messy and conflicting, as there's nothing particularly noble about the tit-for-tat leak of a CIA operative's identity that underlies the case.

Mr. Novak, like the sleazy scumbag that he is went before the grand jury and sang like a canary.

May he rot in hell.


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