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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite�12 - Product home: "
Discover new and advanced features that increase productivity, and keep your workflow smooth with industry-standard file compatibility. With graphic design, page layout, digital imaging and motion graphics software, it is the ideal graphics suite for Windows."

Corel RAVE is the worst piece of software I have ever used, once your movie grows to more than 1000 frames
you'll be cursing a lot as it takes upwards of half an hour to do a single cut and paste
and if you're changing the layout of a movie or the pats. Forget about it

I really thought I would save money using this shitty piece of crapware but instead I've become despondent on my ability
to deliver a simple animation in time and I'm on my way to a buddy that has
a real program like Macromedia flash installed.

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